Frequently Asked Questions

CapWay caters to those that are financially underserved. We are creating a financial standard that caters to those that have been left on the outside of today’s financial system. Whether you have had to get a high-interest loan from a payday lender, pay high fees to cash your check, or not understanding the way money works, CapWay is here to be an upside in your world of money and help you become financially healthy.

We offer financial literacy programs, pre-paid debit cards, and bank-issued debit cards. During our beta phase, we are focusing strictly on financial literacy. Our other products will come at a later date.

CapWay is a mobile application is currently only available for iPhone. You can download the app here.

CapWay is headquartered in New York, NY.

We are not currently offering our pre-paid debit cards. We are focusing on financial literacy during our beta phase. However, as a member of CapWay, you will be notified when our prepaid debit cards become available.

CapWay Cares shows their journey to learn about the pain points and money problems of the people that CapWay serves. CapWay Cares will continue to show the journey as Capway continues to build.