Partner With Us to Increase Financial Literacy Amongst the Underserved

We want to work with you in bringing more financial literacy programs to our audience. At this current time, we are looking for the following partnerships:


We focus on high school juniors and seniors that are attending schools in underprivileged areas. It has been proven that “more than 40% of low-income schools don’t get a fair share of state and local funds”. In addition to that, in 2013, only 45.5% of seniors from underprivileged areas went on to enroll in college. For this reason, we partner with these high schools to get the proper financial education to those that may be leaving high school and entering into the real world much sooner than some of their peers. Our goal is to help them get on the right path early in spite of their circumstances.


While only five states require financial education as a stand-alone class for high school students, even less is required for college students. Many college students will leave college in student loan debt but with no knowledge about money moving forward.
Starting out in debt + no financial education = a recipe for disaster.
As students invest in themselves and in your college, we hope that you also believe in and invest in your students and their future financial health.


We look to work with employers that employ a large percentage of the financially underserved. At this time, our focus is to work with fast-food restaurants, retailers, and city/state offices.


There has been a strained relationship between the many in the financially underserved community and financial institutions. We found that many of the underserved don’t trust and/or feel intimated by banks, were or have been victims of redlining, or have been charged fees that have turned them off from wanting a bank account. On the reverse side, while many financial institutions understand the need for financial inclusion, some have been vocal in expressing the high customer acquisition cost and have looked to partner with companies that have closer ties to the underserved community. That connection is CapWay.


This is open to any non-profit corporation that would like to have a program available for those who they serve or for all of our users.

This is not a one-way street. By having a program within our app, you are not just investing in financial education and financial inclusion, you are also being able to learn more about the market we serve, whether they are part of your community, students, employees, etc.
Contact us to learn more about partnering with us.